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Best Bible app in my opinion. I spent quite a few dollars trying others, but this one is the one I stuck with. Thanks a bunch.

Great App

Nice scrolling interface (horizontal or vertical). The text size is fine, but it would be nice if you could make it bigger.

Great Bible Application

This is a really great application. The cover flow is a great addition for this. I just wish it included more Bible versions such as the Amplified Bible. It is nice to be able to highlight verses too. FYI, there is a misspelling in the cover flow Esther is spelled "Ester" which is incorrect.

The best bible app...

I ended up buying three bible apps, because I wanted one that I could take notes and use as a reference when I am talking the word with someone... This app is by far the best one! Just the fact it is so visual and colorful makes it worth it... However, as an added bonus, you can sync with a free account at ibiblespace.org -- where you can easily enter information, notes, highlights etc... via the computer and then sync that with your iphone/iTouch -- very awesome as typing on the iPhone/ iTouch more than a few words at a time is tedious and ridiculous. Now I can quickly "get out my bible" with all my notations and highlights and never forget where the verse is or what is interesting about it etc... again. I Love this app -- glad I finally came across it and purchased it.

Best Bible App So Far!!

This is the best Bible App I have ever seen or used. Cover flow is very nice. Search is very good. Horizontal and landscape options. When you first load the Program, the Books of the Bible are in Alphebetical order. You can change this to actual Bible layout, under the options. Click on the "i" in the bottom right hand side, and turn alphabetize books to off. They will now read from Genesis to Revelations.


Tried several bible apps, I like this one the best.

Its the best!!

Im glad I brought this APP now I can leave my Bible when I go to church. Everyone who sees this App wants one! A whole of iPhone sales will occur because of this one App!

Almost what I was looking for...

This is a very nice app to have an offline Bible. I like the layout and the ability to highlight verses and add margin notes. I also like the option for large print text. There are three issues I have with the App. Two features and one software glitch. First, I wish the Words of Christ were in red. Second, I would like the ability to highlight a part of a verse or a certain word instead of the whole verse. And lastly, I have a problem with tthe app when I try to turn OFF the large print. When I select OFF and then Done, it goes back to the list of the Bible books, but the entire app is then locked up and will not do anything. I have to push the hard button at the bottom of the itouch and go back to the main menu. When I re-launch the app, large print is back on. I can not get it turned off at all. Overall I like it and would buy it again.

Bookmark BUG/Feature/Wishlist

Cant bookmark the very last verse. Feature marks the top complete verse ONSCREEN. Bookmarks Descriptive Phrase can help; still following sermon notes by chapter and verse is difficult if youre looking for {Book:Chapter:LastVerse}; the corresponding Bookmark is {Book:Chapter:3rd-from-the-LastVerse}; {Proverbs 31:31} is marked {Proverbs 31:28}. Does NOT diminish rating for me, though. Contrast to NOTES; it has a sliding bar to attach any New Note to any verse in the chapter. New Bookmarks could easily be implemented in the same fashion.

need help

does this app need enternet?????


Really great! Now I have the whole bible literally at my fingertips with me wherever I go. Especially like the highlighting and bookmark functions. Wish you could select the verse to bookmark instead of it only bookmarking the verse at the top of the screen since you cant get the last verses to the top...but great job! Would also like this in New King James Version (NKJV) since that is what our pastor uses.

One of the better ones

I tried several of the Bible programs and my opinion is that this one is the best of the bunch. It has one need in common with email, it needs a "Home" button to take you back to the Books of the Bible so that you dont have to keep hitting back, back, back just to pick the book of the Bible you want to go to next.


Super program but just wish that it would not back out all the way when only wanting to go back one layer. Program takes you all the way out to the books of the bible.

Almost perfect...

This is a great app, although the only "bug" that I saw was the inability to scroll for notes. This is bad especially if you type past the keyboard part. Aside from that, this application is really great!


This app is the "pride and joy" of my iphone. I LOVE IT! I have another bible app on my phone but I almost never use it. If you buy this you will not be disappointed. Thank you to the developer.

One Request for an Update

Very, very nice. Appealing layout and highly readable text. The book index is actually beautiful, kind of suggesting stained glass windows. Id love to see an option to arrange the books in the order in which the appear in printed Bibles. Even without that feature, Im a Believer in Acrobible! Thanks.

lost your program!

i purchased this program (ver 1.0) 3 days ago i and i lost it when i tried to update it to (ver 1.1) please help!

Bible program

This is one of the best bible apps that I have seen, it is worth every penney.

Great Application - Just what Id hoped for...

I use biblesoft on my laptop but wanted a KJV with search tools on my iPhone for those times when my laptop isnt handy. This application works very nicely and is just what Id hoped for... The KJV reader works equally well in portrait or landscape mode and the bible book and verse directory lets you navigate to any bible passage with just a few clicks. The search tool is easy to access and allows searches for individual words or phrases in either the OT or NT. I like the highlight tool which allows mark a passage for easy referance and the ability to store personal notes on the phone or website. The program functions on the iPhone responsively and is well worth the purchase price. As a matter of fact it functions so seamlessly that I already wish it had a few more features, two that Id like to see the most are 1) the ability to compare KJV and NIV side by side and 2) the ability to highlight a single word rather than the entire verse. Nice job Acro Update: I should have updated my review months ago and raised from 4 to 5 stars. I learned that I can buy & download multible bible versions for side by side comparisons. I purchased the NIV and downloaded the free Mathew Henry CC which makes this app exactly what I wanted. I can store the downloads on the phone or download them when needed to save space; outstanding! App worked great on the 3G and is extremely responsive on the 3GS. I can not recommend this app more highly!!

Best Bible program!

I had written an earlier review with some suggestions which have now been implemented. This is by far the best bible program. I has so many great features the most important for me is being able to sync my notes/tags and highlighting on the web at ibiblespace.org. Other programs dont have this feature and since I invest a lot of time noting the iphone version its great to know my notes wont be lost. Having JFB and Thompson Topics available now is also excellent.

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