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KJV Bible / AcroBible Suite app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 7312 ratings )
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Developer: AcroDesign Technologies
Current version: 5.1.4, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Jul 2008
App size: 5.26 Mb

Experience the Bible in a whole new way with AcroBible for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. AcroBible KJV puts the entire King James Version of the Bible at your fingertips. The touchscreen interface makes it easy to navigate, browse and search the Bible. An Internet connection is not required to read the Bible.

Main features:
* Native offline Bible
* Fast keyword, wildcard, or phrase search
* Highlight verses in multiple colors
* Personalize verses with your own notes
* Auto-scrolling Bible text
* Notebook with rich-text editor, verse links, and Web sync.
* Additional translations free: ASV, YLT, WEB, Darby, RVA, AA
* Free downloads: Greek NT, Mathew Henrys Concise Commentary, Eastons Bible Dictionary, Spurgeons Daily Devotional, Thompson Topics, KJV with Strongs, Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Commentary
* In-app store: purchase ESV, NASB, Carta Bible Atlas
* Web backup of notes and highlighting
* Direct, two-way Web synchronization
* One year reading plan
* Split screen view
* Verse tagging
* How-to videos on support page

Web Backup:
When you synchronize your notes and highlighting with our free on-line Bible, your uploaded data serves as a backup copy. If your device is damaged, lost or you buy a new one then you can easily download all your notes and highlighting from the on-line copy.

Two-way Synchronization:
Using two-way synchronization, you can create your notes and highlighting on your phone or from your desktop and have them in both places regardless of how you created them. Whether you are at home entering notes with the convenience of a desktop computer or at church jotting down sermon notes, synchronization delivers your personal data where ever you need it.

Our free on-line Bible application ( provides the access to your notes and highlighting from the desktop. The iBibleSpace site also offers other free tools such as a devotional, commentary, and a personal journal.

Pros and cons of KJV Bible / AcroBible Suite app for iPhone and iPad

KJV Bible / AcroBible Suite app good for

Best Bible app in my opinion. I spent quite a few dollars trying others, but this one is the one I stuck with. Thanks a bunch.
Nice scrolling interface (horizontal or vertical). The text size is fine, but it would be nice if you could make it bigger.
This is a really great application. The cover flow is a great addition for this. I just wish it included more Bible versions such as the Amplified Bible. It is nice to be able to highlight verses too. FYI, there is a misspelling in the cover flow Esther is spelled "Ester" which is incorrect.
I ended up buying three bible apps, because I wanted one that I could take notes and use as a reference when I am talking the word with someone... This app is by far the best one! Just the fact it is so visual and colorful makes it worth it... However, as an added bonus, you can sync with a free account at -- where you can easily enter information, notes, highlights etc... via the computer and then sync that with your iphone/iTouch -- very awesome as typing on the iPhone/ iTouch more than a few words at a time is tedious and ridiculous. Now I can quickly "get out my bible" with all my notations and highlights and never forget where the verse is or what is interesting about it etc... again. I Love this app -- glad I finally came across it and purchased it.
This is the best Bible App I have ever seen or used. Cover flow is very nice. Search is very good. Horizontal and landscape options. When you first load the Program, the Books of the Bible are in Alphebetical order. You can change this to actual Bible layout, under the options. Click on the "i" in the bottom right hand side, and turn alphabetize books to off. They will now read from Genesis to Revelations.
Im glad I brought this APP now I can leave my Bible when I go to church. Everyone who sees this App wants one! A whole of iPhone sales will occur because of this one App!

Some bad moments

I paid .99 for a great Bible that has the option to stay in a portrait or landscape mode while this was $10 and dont even use it cause it flips back and forth back and forth when Im trying to read. you would think with just paying a little extra you could get those extra features.
Installed for one of the free downloads, but cant find it anywhere!
I had this app for awhile and then deleted it. When I came bake later and re-downloaded it I discovered that they had removed the NIV and two devotionals I paid for. Did I get a refund for what I had paid for? NO! This was a very dirty trick. I paid more than $10 for those extras, and they just took them down from the shop. I dont care if a copyright lease ran out, I paid for those things! Dont by any of the extras unless your a sap.

Usually KJV Bible / AcroBible Suite iOS app used & searched for

bible - kjv version, bible notes, acrodesign technologies, and other. So, download free KJV Bible / AcroBible Suite .ipa to run this nice iOS application on iPhone and iPad.